POCKETSHOTS: American Bulldog Rescue, March 31st - Robyn Arouty Photography Houston, TX

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Pocketshots were created with animal welfare organizations in mind—more specifically rescues, who work so tirelessly to save Houston’s precious lives every day. I have been working as a rescuer & animal advocate for several years, but I wanted to do more. Pocketshots are all-day fundraising events that I host at my studio. Appointments are scheduled every 30 minutes for portraits of you with your dogs, cats, kids, ?? Everyone is welcome! Each event benefits a different group & I am happy to report I have donated over $20,000 to area rescues since pocketshots began in November 2010.”  — Robyn

This event will benefit Texas American Bulldog Rescue on Saturday, March 31st! 

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Information…Please note, there have been some changes to the scheduling process.

A $25 donation to the rescue gets you a discount on your sitting fee for custom portrait session, which is $50 for 1 person &/or 1 pet…plus $15 for each additional pet or person.

(For example, you & 1 dog  =  $75. $25 of that will be donated to the rescue.)


1. TOTAL # of pets & people

2. March 31st date

3. Timeslot you want

4. Pay online via paypal. Easy Peasy! (It is not necessary to have a paypal account).  

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The SPANKINNEW studio is located at 2112 N. Memorial Way Houston, TX 77007. Off Washington Avenue near downtown. (Map)

If you would prefer to pay by check, please email aimee@pocketshots.org to make arrangements & reserve a slot.

Please watch our video...”POCKETSHOTS…A Day in The Life”

…and Behind the Scenes at Olive the Piggie’s Houston Pettalk photoshoot!

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To view Robyn’s portfolio & for more information, please visit her website: robynarouty.com

Ready to schedule? Click here to BOOKITNOW.


1.  Do I need a paypal account?

No. You can pay via paypal with your credit card.


2. How should I prepare for my shoot?

Please work on SIT & STAY with your dog(s). Reward their good work with lots of treats. This will help the process tremendously…but if they don’t quite get it, no worries…my assistant is the bomb!


3. What should I wear?

Solid bright/dark colored tops are best. Stay away from white/beige/pastel colors. Structured fabrics work better versus silks. Accessories like chunky jewelry, hats &scarves are fun. Wear a little more makeup than you normally would. Bring your favorite shoes or boots for those feet shots…or rock a pedi & go barefoot! Please visit Robyn’s Pinterest board for inspiration!


4. Do I need to bring accessories for my dog(s)?

Dogs will be naked without a collar for the shoot. You may bring accessories for them, but they are not required.


5. Do I need to bring treats?

We have natural treats here…but, by all means, bring their favorite treats if you like.


6.  Can I bring my dog even though he has bit one or more people?

No. Sorry…


7. Can I get frustrated, be aggressive to my dog, hit my dog & do anything I want to make him do what you’re asking during our shoot?

Hells No! 30 minutes is plenty of time to do what is necessary. The dogs are in a new environment & we understand this. This is not our first rodeo…& we are prepared to teach them & be patient with the process. We ask that you do the same. You will receive 1 warning if any of above occurs. If done again…you will be asked to leave without a refund.


8. What will the backdrop/set look like?

A fab & original design of some sort…or you can choose the white photography paper as a backdrop.

Photos of upcoming sets are usually posted a few days before each event on the facebook page.


9. Where is your studio?

We are located off Washington Avenue, not far from the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

The address is 2112 N. Memorial Way Houston, TX 77007  (map)


10. Do you have a waiting room?

Yes. It is big enough to hold one family. So, please wait outside in fenced yard if you have arrived early for your scheduled appointment.


11. Do you charge for more than one person?

Additional people are $15 each.


12. How many outfits/pairs of shoes should I bring?

We are limited on time. Most clients come prepared wearing what they will shoot in. If you want to bring extra clothing or shoes, feel free to do so, but please leave your suitcase at home!


13. How long will it take to see my proofs?

In approximately one week from the shoot, I will email you a link to your private online viewing gallery.


14. When is the next pocketshots event?

Please refer to UPCOMING EVENTS


15. Will there be any other dogs there during my shoot?



16. How many dogs can I bring?

Up to 5 per 30 minute session. Feel free to book back to back slots if you have more than 5 dogs or have special requests.


17. I don’t have a dog. Can I bring my cat/bunny/monkey?



18. Do I need to have the same breed of dog of the sponsored rescue to attend?

No! All are welcome to support all rescues! 

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