Houston SPCA/Waller County Puppy Mill Photos ~ Robyn Arouty, Pet Photographer

I was invited by Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue to visit the 200+ dogs that were taken from a “breeder” in Waller County, Texas. A representative from the Houston SPCA took us from room to room. It was overwhelming. There were mostly shih tzus…& the occasional boston terrier & weiner dog. There were several groomers there volunteering their time to get the “adoptable” dogs ready…but many were still in crates…looking as bad as they did the day they were taken. A crew from Animal Planet’s Animal Cops Houston was filming & following the stories of several of the dogs. Fred, in the first photo, is one of them. A print of this photo is available for sale here…100% of the proceeds will go to Lone Star to benefit the puppy mill dogs.

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