Dead Dog Walking in Waco. (Robyn Arouty Photography/Houston, TX)

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I received this message & photo earlier…from Kit, a pet photographer that I’m mentoring in Waco, TX:

So today I did one of the hardest things so far at the shelter. As I was leaving, one of the staff ran up to me crying. A dog she had been fighting to find a home for is set to be PTS in the morning. She asked if I would take a picture of it for her so she’d have something more than the kennel picture. 

Broke my heart seeing the love she had for the dog. I had to focus on taking the pictures so I didn’t cry myself. She was asking herself what furniture she could get rid of in order to find room for another kennel in her apartment.

I know I may never have a photography business but the fulfillment I get from volunteering at the shelter is priceless. I’ve been put there for a reason.”


From the back, the dog looks a lot like P.J….which of course made me cry… This one doesn’t have a name…just a number. He deserves a name, love & a place to live out his life. Here is all the info I have:

The shelter makes it very hard to adopt Pits. Usually, they will only allow them to go to rescue with such a limited amount of time. Rescue is preferred, but they have stated that if we have a committed adopter in the morning, they will pull him off the euth list. But, if you want to foster they may be able to find a rescue to pull him. Call Emily at 254-495-6554, she can get you the number for the person who has to approve rescue. Dog ID#A13464004.”

He is located at the Humane Society of Central Texas in Waco. UN-neutered pit bull mix. Medium build. Hasn’t been tested for HW. Shelter opens at 11am tomorrow. Best to contact Emily so she can notify them there is a possible rescue/adoption/foster as soon as possible.”


So, here’s your chance to do something. I did my part on this one…& now I’m passing the baton to you. All the info is here…make your move. (OK…if he comes to Houston…there’s a pocketshots session in it for you…my treat!)

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